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PHP at Akshar Technologies

Akshar Technologies is a software development company providing various services such as Outsourcing, Offshore software development, Application Development and Product Development. We enjoy a vast experience in the execution of projects based on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP technologies.

Amongst various professional and technical services made available by us to our customers, some are based on PHP Open-source. Where PHP being a general purpose server side scripting language, designed for Web Development and produce dynamic web pages and hence, Akshar Technologies is also a reputed php web development company.

We pioneer in php website development, where these websites could be simple or complex database driven as per the requirements of our customers.

Why PHP?

Benefits with Akshar Technologies:

  • It is a very stable platform
  • It provides many levels of security against malicious attacks
  • Provides option for scalability (for small to large php website development and web applications)
  • PHP doesn’t use a lot of system’s resources so it runs fast and doesn’t tend to slow down other processes
  • Is open-source (free of cost)

It is said that experience is the best teacher and Akshar has a vast experience in providing services with PHP as a platform. Our services to various clients spread throughout the world have been commendable and always looked after customer’s delight, by providing cost-effective and timely solutions.

Services we provide:

Our php programmers and php developers provide development and deployment of the client’s web solutions through universal standards of OOPS and some of the services we cater to are.

  • Small corporate or personal websites
  • Web Applications
  • E-Commerce Websites or E-catalogue
  • Community Portal
  • Content Management Services
  • B2B/B2C Solutions
  • Data Warehousing or Management
  • Enterprise Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • AJAX based web application

Akshar is a reputed php web development company and because of its gathered experience in this field has a strong knowledge base in php oriented business solutions in the market today. We believe in providing flexible business solutions to our customers and hence as per the requirement, we offer opportunities to hire php programmer, hire php developer at full-time or part-time or hourly rates.