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PHP and Open Source

One of the best technologies adopted by our company is PHP. Though HTML is basically required for the construction of a website, PHP is still required. It is something without which your website would just look out dated. Another plus point of PHP is that you can handle large amounts of data with it. You might have heard about the social networking website known as facebook, well even that website was designed on PHP. There are many other open source technologies available in the market. We, at Akshar technologies, handpick only the best of these open source technologies so that you only get quality work.


Even if you are not a developed, you would have heard about .NET. This is required usually for building applications which are based for the web. Each open source language has its own specialty. That is why we use each of them for a certain purpose only. For instance the .NET is used for e-commerce mostly. This means that we design applications like a shopping cart for an e-commerce website by using the latest technology of .NET. This open source is basically owned by Microsoft. To have your trust with us, we have hired MCP’s, Microsoft certified personal to use .NET at your website. Other languages like C# are also used while using .NET.


The world of java still is not outdated. With the help of AJAX we can make your website look as lively as ever. Using HTML and CSS and other things, is just not worth it these days. We hire people who know how to deal with AJAX since it provides much better results. AJAX is also used in the development of web based applications. It is also used in making shopping carts along with VB.NET and ASP.NET.

What We Do

With vast knowledge at our side, Akshar technologies, is capable of delivering you quality work. You can hire us to develop just about anything, may that even be a WordPress theme or something for Joomla. Our services include almost anything which you can think of. For instance, we even offer development for applications of smartphones, and even websites which are compatible with smartphones these days. Such features increase the traffic on your website by a great extent as mostly people use internet on their smartphones these days

You can take a look at our services and rest assured about the effort and technologies which our employees put in for your website. For contact details go to the Contact Us tab, it would be at the right top of the web site.

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