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Essential Features of a eCommerce Website


Make useful suggestions

Most often, people don’t know exactly what they need, so you may make some suggestions and help them out. Your eCommerce design play major role. With the help of suggested pages, a visitor will find particular products or product category fast and easy. So the chance for this person to buy not one but more products is higher this way. Not to mention that the traffic to the pages of those products will increase and become more attractive.

Help buyers find more

The primary purpose of an e-commerce site is to convince a customer to shop more than initially planned. How to achieve this? By suggesting related products to a buyer, which are connected with the products the person shows interest in, the chances for him or her to buy more are improving. Again, you must help visitors find a large variety of product fast and easy if you want to win them over.


Filtering options

Many people may shop online during a break or while waiting somewhere, so their time is limited. You will have to make sure that your site has an efficient filtering system for the available products. This way, they will narrow the offer down to the items that interest them. The faster they can find something, the more willing they will become to make the purchase.

Detailed descriptions

Each product should have a description that includes all details and is clean and comfortable to read. If a buyer does not find a particular aspect concerning a product, he or she may not be too convinced to buy it. So do take care of this as well.


A shopping cart with a dynamic feature

A dynamic shopping cart is much more preferred than the traditional one. Why? Well, the customer will be able actually to see when items will be added to the cart, without having to access the cart specifically just to make sure everything is there. Thus, the shopping experience will be more comfortable this way. Also, this type of cart will enable buyers to save products in their cart for later, in case they don’t intend to buy it on the spot. It will give them a reason to come back and make the purchase.

Various shipping possibilities

Don’t stick to just one shipping method, because you risk losing customers. Some may be willing to pay for an expedited delivery while others would like cheaper shipping, even if it take a bit longer. So do make sure you have various options available when it comes to shipping.


Confirmation of payment

Payment is probably the most sensitive aspect when it comes to online shopping. Since they don’t get to see the money and their direction, buyers tend to be a bit more stressed about this detail. Your clients will appreciate if you could provide them a payment receipt, not just a confirmation, and the possibility to track their order, once it left the warehouse, as all these will give them some peace of mind.

Akshar Technologies dedicated web development team is always ready to guide your through the process and help you decide which development platform is suitable based on your needs. Popular platform available for your eCommerce store are Magento, OpenCart, WordPress with WooCommerce.

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