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Once we have figured out the reason of your problem then we start to work on its elimination to get your website or bog back on track and on the same rank. Eliminate all the excessive use of keywords or alternate the keywords a little. We will make your blog look like completely normal. We will advertise your articles and avoid the link selling business. Make sure that you haven’t been spreading your links all over because that can be a problem. Once we have got rid of all the black hat ways of SEO then it is time for you to wait and let your website get analyzed once again. Wait for a week and you will see that your website or blog is back on track.

Now comes a little hard part which is that once you have removed most of the key words and put a halt to link selling and all then most probably the traffic of your website will decrease. The only solid and permanent solution for you is to contact Akshar Technologies. We will keep you motivated and work hard to increase the quality of articles on your blog or website. We will only use the white hat rules for your SEO optimization.

Put your faith in Akshar Technologies as we know the art to rise your website from the effects of Google Penguin and know the magic to always keep it on top positions. Completely reliable and extremely affordable services is the aphorism of Akshar Technologies.

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