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The Difference Between Content Marketing And Social Media Marketing

The Difference Between Content Marketing And Social Media Marketing

Content marketing and social media marketing are two of the most prominent marketing strategies that will be present on the stage of 2017. For any successful business owner, having these strategies in your mind, at least, if not even incorporating them, is a must. If you are wondering what the difference between one and another is, you came to the right place. Not everybody is well aware of these differences, so no one will blame you if you don’t know. Plus, it is very hard to give a definition to concepts that are constantly changing and adapting to the way the market shifts, so we will do our best to point out towards the differences that are noticeable these days.

1. Explaining content and social in simple terms

If we are to take each of them separately, content marketing makes reference to the creation of unique content and the use of it for marketing purposes. Actually, it delivers interesting and useful content to readers, to attract them towards a particular business. Press releases, articles, blog posts, they are all part of this.

Social media marketing is, instead, using social networks are means of efficient marketing engines. It looks to deliver the needed results by exploiting the opportunities provided by social media and its incredible environment.

2. Looking closer at each of these strategies

As a type of strategy in the field of Internet marketing, the content marketing is a marketing tactic, as social media marketing is a marketing channel. As mentioned earlier, content marketing looks like blog posts, articles, press releases, videos, and web pages, while social media marketing appears like posts and adds on various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

The purpose of content marketing is to inform, entertain and educate the audience, the end goal being the creation of leads and sales. The purpose of social media marketing is to offer real-time customer services, to encourage people to engage, and nurture the existing social media communities, with an end goal of creating durable relationships with the company’s clients.

3. They both exist on the same spectrum

But, even though they are quite different, these two strategies can be used together for the benefit of a brand. So, most smart marketers will create content, because it is the benefit for search engines and ranks, but will share it on social media as well. If a brand hits social media channels with advertisers alone, without offering its audience useful and interesting content, the presence of that particular brand may not last too long on that particular channel.

People are annoyed by static ads, so the only way to make it up is to come up with interesting content. Not to mention that if you have a blog, you can easily connect it with your business accounts on social media channels, which will ensure a flow between the two strategies. So, by now, you should be very well aware that both content marketing and social media marketing are techniques that must be adopted if you want to end this year successfully.

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