Website Designing

We, at Akshar Technologies, use the best sources of technology to provide you with more than satisfactory results. People usually quite the idea of having a website, or working online as they do not know how to code. Mostly people do not know how to code, there is nothing to be ashamed off. We are here to take care of that aspect. Designing a website has many aspects to it, some of them are explained below:


with the point of view of SEO, there is not much which needs to be done about the design of the website. Having a usual layout for your website is preferred in this case. The purpose of having a normal layout is that everyone would know how to use it. This makes the layout of your website used friendly. a creative design on the other hand might confuse the user. Search Engine Optimization instructs to have a light layout with a user friendly interface. The more creative the website would be, the heavier it would become. While surfing, people open many links and the link which takes too much time to load is closed right away. Even such little details are under check by us, so that you do not lose traffic from even such tiny details. The techniques which we use to make your website, allow it to be creative, light and user friendly at the same time.

Open Source

you can have a website designed on PHP but if you are not aware of the language then updating the website would be troublesome for you. To overcome such issues, our developers can even design word press or other related themes for you. These themes are known for their easy usability all over the world. furthermore you can apply SEO on it to some extent by using appropriate plug-ins. Why to hire our developers when there are free themes over the internet? Well the answer is simple; these free themes are being used by just about everyone. Another reason is that most of them have some logical problems in them which you cannot solve. To solve those issues you would have to hire another expert. These experts would most probably charge you more than you are expecting. Our experts always keep SEO in mind while designing everything related to your website. You might not know but even the text style in your website can increase the revenue your website generates.

Your ideas always come first while your website is being designed. Our developers would be more than welcome to work for you until you get the product which you were expecting. Apart from just the website or theme, our developers can also make applications for your website. in the case of a word press theme, we can provide you with unique plug-ins which would increase the functionality of your website.

Contact Us Contact us for further information over anything related to website or its content. May it be a website for a computer or a mobile, our services always remain the best.