Paypal Pro
Payment Gateway Integration and Credit Card Processing

Professionals associated with the eCommerce industry admit the fact that Payment Gateway is one the most crucial factors of their business. After all, gateway application service providers enable safe, secure and speedy online payments.

If you are setting up an online eCommerce store or selling digital products, themes etc. from your website, you’ll need a payment gateway to accept payments from your customers.

We provide the Paypal Pro Gateway Integration, it is a simple payment solution for connecting an online eCommerce store to the powerful Paypal Pro Payment Gateway. It manages all of your interactions with credit card processors and financial institutions. To facilitate the payment options, Paypal Pro Payment Gateway provides seamless integration. It will allow you to make secure payments for all your online shopping needs. It supports all credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AE, JCB etc.

The plus point for using Paypal Pro is that the customer is not required to leave the Magento, WordPress, Opencart and Shopify store or any other kind of eCommerce store for making the payment.

Paypal Pro Payment Gateway Integration Process


We integrate Paypal Pro payment gateway in WordPress websites. This can be done easily using the Paypal Pro payment gateway API or by using gravity forms.

Gravity forms are generally used for advance fields in WordPress. It allows to setup custom fields with conditions. Using Gravity form with WordPress is very common nowadays. Our Developers use Gravity forms extension for payment integration development and other complex scenarios. When a developer uses Gravity Forms with Paypal Pro payment gateway the integration process becomes really easy and cost effective. Gravity forms are also mobile responsive therefore you don’t have to worry about your WordPress website design being responsive with forms using payment gateway.

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