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What makes Magento the ideal platform for e-commerce websites?

Starting a business in the trade sector is extremely easy these days, as you can reach thousands of clients fast and easy with the help of Magento e-commerce websites. But, due to the fact that there are so many websites of this kind on the Internet and the competition is quite harsh. You need to make sure that your clients and visitors enjoy a great experience if you want them to come back. How can you do this? Well, you need to build an excellent website that will provide everything needed for an unforgettable shopping experience. And for this, you need to have a platform that is capable of offering all the support and tools you may need to grow your e-commerce business. Where to find such a platform? This kind of platform is readily available and it is called Magento.
Of course, Magento is not the only platform of this kind, so what makes it so special? Why choose Magento instead of anything else? Just take a look at the following reasons and you will understand that Magento is indeed the best choice you can make when it comes to your online shop.

It is specially created to serve e-commerce websites

When Magento was created, the needs of an e-commerce website were had in mind. So, every feature, tool, and option was created to assist website developers to create better sites where people could spend a more pleasant time shopping and browsing for the products they needed.

It is open source

An entire community of web developers worked and collaborated to make Magento what it is today. Most certainly, their work will not stop as Magento continues to improve as time passes by. Also, this led to the creation of three different versions of Magento, each targeting a different kind of user. There is the Magento Community Edition, which is open source and destined for inexperienced users, then there is Magento Enterprise Edition, for intermediates, and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, for experienced developers. The last two come for a price, but they are also capable of providing what the first version can’t, addressing large companies that have an increasing set of requirements.

It allows you to perform customizations at a high level

Every online store is different because it offers a different range of product. So, it is only normal for e-commerce website owners to want to customize their store according to the type of their business, product offer, and activity. Magento gives them a great level of freedom here, so it is extremely easy to enjoy the website you dream about with Magento.

It provides excellent customer service

Customer support is available around the clock for Magento Enterprise, so any question or problem you may have there will always be someone to offer an answer or solution. However, Magento Community Edition has no customer services whatsoever. But, even so, there’s no need to panic, because this particular version has the largest Magento community around it. In other words, you will be able to find someone to help you in no time, once you’re part of this community.

It offers great support for SEO

SEO is crucial for the visibility and success of your business, although in the case of other similar platforms you have to take care of SEO separately. With Magento, on the other hand, you have everything integrated into one single solution, as this platform is SEO-friendly and allows you to perform various operations that will improve the SEO of your site.

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