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SEM And SEO Strategies To Work Together For A Better ROI

SEM and SEO Strategies to work Together for a better ROI

Many people believe that SEO and SEM are separate entities and it is enough for them to work as separate engines. But, that is just a big trap that will not allow your business to enjoy the ROI it deserves. It is true that there are some differences that separate them, but they are complementary to each other and should be used together if you want to obtain improved results. To start with, if you are not familiar with the terms, you should know that SEO is Search Engine Optimization and helps your website be more visible on the Internet. SEM, on the other hand, is Search Engine Marketing, which increases traffic to your site by purchasing various ads online. Below, you will find details of how to use their potential together.

1. They appear twice in search results and makes users become more familiar with your brand

Consumers are usually weary when it comes to brands they don’t know or are not that familiar with. So, your business’s success also relies on the fact of becoming more familiar to them while browsing the Internet for products and services. And you can’t blame them for doing so, because you may do just the same. What are you tempted to choose, a brand you never heard about or one you’re familiar with? If you get SEO and SEM to work together efficiently, your brand will appear twice in search results. Once it will appear as an organic result, triggered by effective SEO strategy , and once it will appear as a paid result, through your SEM strategy.

2. You can use the data provided by both methods to see what your client niche actually needs

Instead of using just SEO or SEM to achieve your goals, making both of them work at the same time means to double your efficiency and your chances of reaching the goals you dream about. Thus, if both are rolling, you can extract data from both of them, with the help of Google Analytics and see which one delivers the best results. If one of them is not doing so good, don’t fret, because at least you will know what to improve. One good method to improve your strategy is to see which keyword clusters are attracting the biggest number of clicks, for your paid ads. Take them and integrate them in your Meta description and website content, for an improved SEO performance.

3. You will earn more by accessing more opportunities for link-building

We all know that convincing external sources to provide links to your website is very hard to achieve and can waste a lot of your time and money. But, having paid ads also means to advertise your site and brand in places it wouldn’t have reached otherwise. Another smart move would be to invest some resources in Facebook Advertising. With its help, you can place your bids on long-tail keywords, which will help your ads have more exposure if you win the bid. Having in mind just how successful Facebook is and its incredibly large number of users, there isn’t a better place to make your brand known in a short period.

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