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Magento Is The Right Platform

How to tell if Magento is the right platform in your case?

Magento is one of the most popular platforms out there, helping millions of people start the website they desired for their business. But, is it the best solution in your case? Well, first of all, if you are looking to start an e-commerce website than you should definitely consider Magento. It is a highly scalable platform for e-commerce site, so there are high chances for it to provide what you need for a successful business. If you already have a business, like a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store and you are looking to expand, needing a platform that is robust and capable of providing maximum support for your products, Magento is the best choice you can make. Still, do have in mind that is not easy to deal with Magento and you will need the help of experienced Magento developers to help you enjoy the website you dream about. You can rely on our professionally trained Magento Developers. One of our core service as a Magento Development Company is customer satisfaction.

Why should you opt for Magento? One of the main reasons people appreciate Magento so much, including some of the most popular companies out there, is its flexibility. Having in mind that the market is constantly shifting, together with the buying patterns of consumers, such a characteristic is more than welcome.  If you want more reasons, just take a look below.

  • Storefront

While Magento has a great deal of templates that can be used, it is worth mentioning that every piece of Magento can be customized according to your desire and needs. Of course, you will need the assistance of experienced Magento developers to achieve the level of customization you wish for, if the case.

It is not ideal when it comes to content management, as Magento focuses more one store, product, and catalog management. Thus, it allows the viewing of multiple images per product, swatches that display the variety of colors, materials, and other features, related products, cross-sell, up-sell, stock availability, and product filtering, just to name a few features provided for the storefront.

  • Shopping cart

It is easy to create a shopping experience that will be soon correlated with your brand, with the help of the massive customization that can be done on Magento.

This platform provides a one-page checkout, so that you will minimize the number of clients lost on the way towards checkout. Plus it gives the client the chance to create an account on your e-commerce website before proceeding toward checkout.

It is capable of shipping to multiple addresses within one single order, save the shopping cart in order to be paid later, display an estimate of tax and shipping when checking the shopping cart, save credit card method for offline payments, and provide real-time shipping rates from some of the most known shipping companies, like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, these being just a small set of features provided for the shopping cart.

  • Store management

One thing you need to know about Magento and that is the fact that it was created to allow shops and companies to grow in time. So, you can easily promote several brands, each with its particular identity, with the help of your Magento store. You can also manage several stores of the same platform and create distinct and separate presences for the products you consider most important for your brand and business. Because a whole community supports Magento, it won’t be difficult to find extensions that will allow you to create the desired online store. But, if you need specific extensions, which must be customized to suit your requirements, you will need help from skilled Magento web developers.

  • Marketing and SEO

Nothing can be done without proper SEO, so it is only obvious for Magento to have solid features when it comes to SEO and marketing. It has a content management system that is more than perfect when it comes to SEO and marketing tools that will definitely make your store successful.

To name a few features in this sector, Magento allows you to set promotional prices for various product categories, customer groups, or stores in your management, develop flexible coupons, export coupon codes to distribute them offline, use free shipping options, showcase new products, create newsletters, and many more.

  • Pricing

To download and use Magento you won’t have to spend a penny, because you will find it for free by simply visiting the platform’s official website. Still, do have in mind that there is an enterprise version as well, which won’t come for free, due to the fact that it is more complex and offers even more features. When it comes to hosting, the price will start around $80 a month, and will grow in time together with the development of your store. Concerning Magento development services, the cost depends very much on the site you want to develop and how many aspects you want to be customized. Thus, it is better to discuss this matter and your future goals with a team of Magento developers to get the right quote.

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