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How does a project life cycle look in the case of a WordPress site?

If you finally came to the conclusion that WordPress Development Services is the ideal platform for your future website, you’re probably excited to start its development. But, before you actually start, wouldn’t you like to see what the project life includes? This way, you will be more organized and will have a clearer view of what is about to happen. Our web development company can help you out with the stages of your website development project, so you will know what is going on every step of the way.

Initiating the project
After we met, listened to your ideas and requirements, and reached an agreement, by signing a contract, we will begin the initiation of your project. The discovery sessions are the most important part of this phase because it helps the entire team understand better the goals of the project, details concerning the required WordPress Website Design and Development, and aspects of the website’s data.

The phase of the design
A website is nothing without proper design; this is why this is the second most important stage of the project. The client is the most important one when it comes to setting the right design for each website, closely collaborating in this section so that the client will receive exactly the site he imagined. Of course, the design requirements will respect the latest trends, for a site with a modern look.

Data migration
Regardless if you migrate from another content management platform to WordPress or need a completely for your new website, data migration is part of the process. By accessing the database you currently have, the team in charge with the development of your site will cover everything. From creating a document that serves as a map for data, to a script for data migration, and the start of the data import process, every step will be unrolled by our professionals.

Developing the site actively
When the design project is ready and data imported, it is time to actively pass to the creation of the website. Hire a WordPress Development Company to Code basic templates will be coded first, using the best coding standards, and then move to the coding of custom feature and functionality details. The main mission is to provide the exact website you need.

Testing the quality and getting acceptance and reviews through user testing
Before the official launch of the WordPress Website, the team must make sure that everything runs right. Thus, through device and cross browser testing, the functionality of your future website is checked. Also, a query monitor and report will also be unrolled, to check on the performances of the website.

Launching the site
If everything went smooth during the testing, your website is ready to be launched. Still, because every website is unique, the launch plan is according to the site. A few steps will have to be covered to make a launch final. We will set up deployments and the staging and production environments on the host you chose. Then we will freeze your content and make the final data migration. After the new site and its new content have been placed in the new environment, we perform a quality check. If we encounter no issues, your new Website will be live and ready to meet its visitors.

Providing support
Because we care about quality and customer satisfaction, our Development Company provides a 30-day support period for your project, once it is complete. This way we are completely sure that any problems will be removed and if there are any bugs that will appear after launch, we will be here to take care of them. Of course, you can always opt for an extended support and maintenance for your website, run by our experienced professionals.

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