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Efficient SEO Strategies For The Launch Of A Website

Efficient SEO strategies for the Launch of a Website

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a website from ground zero or you are revamping an existent site, because adopting an efficient SEO strategy is a must in both cases, if you want to improve your site’s visibility.

It is true that SEO is not something you do one time and then just forget about it, being a constant investment in your site and a continuous work to stay at the surface on the Internet. But, if you do it right from the start, with a site that has is built on a sturdy platform ready to incorporate any SEO strategy that will pay the desired results, the effort, and resources invested in your website will be justified. What SEO strategies to adopt for your new site? Here they are.

1. Google should be able to send its crawlers onto your site

In order to check out the existing websites and see whether if they are worthy of a good ranking, Google sends its crawlers to verify the site. You will be surprised to know that not very many sites built recently allow Google’s crawlers in, which very bad if you are looking to make your site visible. This can be achieved by making the site’s pages crawlable and indexable, allowing the crawlers to do their job and send back useful information to Google about your site.

It is true that your website will be set as being non-followable and non-indexable during the developing process so that Google won’t end up seeing unfinished web pages. But, make sure not to forget to set them as appropriate before launching the site live, for the previously mentioned reasons.

2. Count the characters on your site

Having Meta titles and descriptions with the appropriate number of characters is also highly important for the Search engine optimization strategy of your site. It is true that they should also contain relevant keywords, but you will have to make sure that the number of characters is within the accepted range as well.

What is the accepted character length? Do your best to keep the Meta title and descriptions between 60 and 120 characters, to ensure a great visibility for your site.

3. Offer something different than your competitors

It is true that you can learn a lot by looking at the websites of your main competitors, but that doesn’t mean to offer what they are offering as well. You should do some research and see if your competitors are using the keywords you want to use and how they use them.

Once you know this, you will have to come up with a way to set the content of your site apart from the rest, by adopting new ways of using the keywords and coming up with fresh and interesting content. If you pair with a reliable web developer, he will know just how important this aspect is.

4. Navigation on the site should be easy and internal links should exist

No one wishes to waste time on a site that is hard to navigate, making information hard to find. So, make sure that the navigation on your site is done with ease. Also, do determine which are the most important pages of your website and make sure to add internal links to help visitors find them faster and simpler. Doing so will also help those particular pages get better rankings, so there is more than one reason to adopt this method.

Each of the above strategies can make the measurable impact on your business visibility and ranking but if you want an instant understanding about your website rankings and tools to contact us at Akshar Technologies for more search engine optimization assistance.

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